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Beverage Fresh And Efficacious East Java

the traditional drink recipes from indonesia. Typical drink from East Java. The following will be given a review of the beverages worth a try:

Wedang Angsle

Do not say ever to East Java if you have not tried Angsle wedang. Wedang has a distinctive taste and has various ingredients such as white bread, there is also sticky rice, then green beans, and putu mayang (petulo). The ingredients are given a sauce made from coconut milk and ginger. Can you imagine how delicious this drink is? Not only can refresh, wedang angsle can also fill the starving stomach.

Wedang Jaselang

Wedang Jaselang is a typical drink from the city of Malang. Despite having the same properties and appearance as most other beverages, there is still a difference like his trademark. The materials used are ginger, cinnamon, little pepper, kapulga, secang and differentiate is the addition of reeds. Usefulness is to …