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We know a lot about caring for myself. The list of my recommendations may be endless, but now I want to share with you 10 best tips that I received from other people. I listened to this advice and did not regret it.

  1. Do not apply the cream around the eyes on the eyelid and under the eyelid, but only on the orbital bone. This is enough: the cream penetrates where it is needed, without delaying our thin, “fat-free” eyelids.
  2. Apply to the neck is not a face cream, and the cream around the eyes. The skin of the neck, like the skin of the eyelids, is “fat-free”: the face cream is heavy and pulls it down.
  3. Always use sunscreen and lipstick, while in the sun, and take off this cream and lipstick, while in the shade or indoors. Do not sunbathe without sun protection.
  4. For a long time to wash off shampoo, conditioner, hair masks. I rinse each agent for 5 minutes. With shampoo, it is not easy to “wash” hair according to the principle of “applied, foamed, washed”, but wash the scalp well and massage it, removing everything that is not necessary from the surface of the head.
  5. Do not “walk” at home with a mask on his face. Masks are heavy substances, they pull the skin down when you are upright. With a mask you need to lie.
  6. When we are looking for some remedy that acts as firming, in fact our skin needs moisturizing. Look for products that contain shea butter, grape seed oil, cocoa butter and other moisturizing oils.
  7. Apply body oil to wet skin: so it “seals” moisture. I come out of the shower, apply oil, and only then wipe myself with a towel.
  8. Facial massages – evil. Any. Is always. They stretch the skin.
  9. Do not neglect exfoliation. It is very important for skin 30+. I do not like mechanical scrubs, I use tonics that are exfoliating, like oxygen masks, gas-liquid peels.
  10. Do not delay in thought the skin on the neck, do not rub the neck and, in general, as little as possible, touch the face and neck during the day.

In the comments we exchange tips on caring for themselves:

Our nature is so interestingly arranged – we are born with a different set of genes, in fact, each person is unique. This applies to everything from the size of the nose, ending with how you will look at 20, 40 and 60 years. In the Skin Care lab this is the best deal.

We cannot unrecognizably change what is given to us (except to invest in plastic surgery, but we all know that this snag only disfigures women). We can only learn how to properly care for their appearance, in particular for the skin of the face at home.

Facial care at home

In some, the skin is naturally oily, in others dry and thin, it is believed that in modern conditions normal skin is very rare, often combined – The skin can behave differently depending on the season and temperature and weather conditions.

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