Beverage Fresh And Efficacious East Java

Beverage Fresh And Efficacious East Java

the traditional drink recipes from indonesia. Typical drink from East Java. The following will be given a review of the beverages worth a try:

Wedang Angsle

Do not say ever to East Java if you have not tried Angsle wedang. Wedang has a distinctive taste and has various ingredients such as white bread, there is also sticky rice, then green beans, and putu mayang (petulo). The ingredients are given a sauce made from coconut milk and ginger. Can you imagine how delicious this drink is? Not only can refresh, wedang angsle can also fill the starving stomach.

Wedang Jaselang

Wedang Jaselang is a typical drink from the city of Malang. Despite having the same properties and appearance as most other beverages, there is still a difference like his trademark. The materials used are ginger, cinnamon, little pepper, kapulga, secang and differentiate is the addition of reeds. Usefulness is to maintain stamina, able to warm the body, and so forth.

Wedang Cemue

Wedang Cemue is a special drink of Ngawi Regency, East Java Province. This drink has a savory taste because of the combination of ingredients contained in it. Make this wedang by using delicious rabbit seeds, soft bread, coconut milk sugar as a sweetener and ginger for warm sensation. And what makes it unique is on this drink is given fried onions and also pandan leaves for fragrant aroma. Hmm ,, interested to try? Please come to Ngawi to get it.

Ice Buto Ijo

Ice buto ijo is a typical East Java drink derived from Lumajang. The ingredients of making this drink is the content of young coconut, there is also nata de coco, some kolang kaling, and also sago pearls. And doused with melon flavored syrup and also given sweetened condensed milk … As I imagine the taste is very tempting, especially if it has been seen. If you can not stand the temptation of this drink, come to one of the shops in Lumajang East Java.

Es Gudir

Es Gudir comes from one of the provinces in East Java that is Kediri. The word Gudir means jelly. So the main ingredient of this drink is gelatin mixed with syrup from brown sugar and given the aroma of pandanus. This drink is suitable to drink when relaxing because it is very refreshing.

Ice sinom

This drink is actually a traditional herbal medicine commonly sold in many drug stores. But this one is very different because it tastes not bitter and very tasty. In addition to making fresh, ice sinom also has many health benefits such as battle of the breast, blood circulation and can prevent hair loss. And for women, ice this sinom can relieve menstrual pain and make skin become cleaner. Well ,, please try a healthy drink and refresh yaa this.

Es Pleret Typical Blitar Raya

This ice comes from the name of a Blitar elder, Kyai Pleret. At a glance, pleret ice is the same as most other ice. But actually, this drink has a distinctive taste that is located from the material. Because making pleret ice using Javanese sugar as a sweetener and added to coconut milk. And the main ingredients are made from small size rice flour. If visiting Blitar, then do not forget to try this ice pleret because this ice is only in Blitar.

Pokak syrup

Pokak syrup or wedang pokak is a drink originating from Probolinggo, East Java province. This drink is usually served at the time of ‘Idul Fitri. The ingredients used in this drink are sugar (white sugar or brown sugar according to taste), fragrant pandanus for aroma, cinnamon, ginger, clove, cinnamon and lime kaffir. This drink also has many benefits for the body. Feeling interested to try, please come to Probolinggo because this drink is very famous there.

Jamu Kebonagung

Jamu Kebonagung is a typical drink from Pasuruan, one of the areas in the province of East Java. Initially, this drink by the local community is called herbal belik, because it makes this herbal medicine by using water directly from belik. However, herbal belik can only last a day, so produced with the form of syrup and become herbal kebonagung. Made from various spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, there is also cloves, and so forth. This herb is not only healthy but also refreshing. There’s nothing wrong with trying it.