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Understanding how men choose to choose the right woman to marry has always been a feminine goal and at least as much a mystery as recognizing offside in football: for men, it is a natural thing, for women it is not. What must he take in his mind to make him say to himself that “she is the right one”, so right that he decides to ask her to marry him?

What are the male mental processes behind the decision to go to the altar?

Having a male opinion is the only way to get an answer – so here it is, step by step.

The aspect counts

When two people meet the physical aspect it is the first thing that catches your eye and that is taken into consideration by both parties. According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Amsterdam and guys from the, the fact that men prefer to focus on a good-looking woman is not a sign of superficiality, but a pure instinct to continue the species.

But there’s more: for psychologists when it comes to sexual compatibility, man is looking for a woman who meets his criteria (like kisses, how he moves, what he expresses through his body). At the same attraction, however, there are other determining factors.


In general, according to the psychologist and writer Seth Meyers, “a man chooses one woman rather than another because he feels that he is compatible with him from an emotional point of view. If he loves physical contact, he will prefer an affectionate woman, who touches him in the way and times he likes “.

In the same way, he will prefer a person who is well by his side even when they are in a company, be it family or friends. “A man needs his woman to be someone to be proud of, to be presented to colleagues, friends, and relatives and to integrate easily with them –“.


After the first few months, when it is the physical attraction that sets the law, reason takes over. And this is where the man tries to understand who is in front of him.

Common values

It is useless to continue to bang your head and demand the most romantic marriage proposal in the world from a boyfriend who does not believe in marriage and would willingly do without children. For things to go the way you want you need to have a common goal.

The same applies to social relations. If a man is used to going out every night and always loves to have people around, he will prefer a woman with a very active social life. As well as those who like to spend their evenings on the sofa, they will choose an equally lazy companion.

The unconscious

According to the opinion expressed by the men of Goldenbride

Marry women who make us better men. It all starts when we notice that our car and our car are cleaners. But it is something deeper: we want to take care of our woman. We want to know where it is. We are interested in the condition of your car and if you have enough fuel. We care about how he is and how he feels, not just how he looks. They are little things that we never thought of and that suddenly become important.